Quit Your Job Without Hesitation - Quit Without Regrets

Crush Your Job -  How To Make Money Even If You Have No products, No list, No money, Are Dead Broke, Frustrated and Loathe Your Present Life Sucking Day Job
Quit your job, and you face pressures on economic, emotional, and family levels.  You are threatening the wellbeing and stability of others.  Do not quit your job, and you die a little inside every single minute of the day.
The Challenge - 51 Reasons to Quit Your Job
1. Serious Undercompensation (the pay sucks)
If you've been paying your dues for years, you may be caught in a dead end situation. If you know you've earned a raise or promotion, have asked for it, but have been denied repeatedly, consider your alternatives.
2. Evil Boss
Some bosses go beyond incompetent boobs to actual evil.  Run, don't walk.  Run for your life.  Even if you are paid well, you did not sign on for constant abuse.
3. Evil Employer
When companies ruin communities and the Earth when chasing profits that end up in New York or Los Angeles, it could be a sign of evil.  Quit your job and be part of the solution and not the problem.
4. Evil Coworkers
If you work with them, your monetary and physical health could be at peril.  Do you actually want to throw away one third of your time on this planet resisting evil.  Quit your job and save your soul.
5. Idiot Coworkers
With older, overqualified workers taking jobs they never thought they would have to resort to, the danger of working with short bus refugees grows daily.
6. Unfriendly Environment
Some companies like Google and Amazon.com have long recognized that providing soft benefits and perks can make a work environment more enjoyable than going home. Other major corporations are so focused on profits they forget who makes the money. 
7. Inadequate Tools to Do the Job
Few companies actually give you the tools you need and want to do the job well.  Find another.
8. Unchallenging Work
A fine line exists between mastering your job and becoming too "comfortable" or complacent. In any job, there should be a certain amount of work that pushes you to new levels. So if you're bored to tears, quit your job, and move on, instead of sulking or becoming bitter.
9. Micromanaging
Companies compete for talent then micromanage the innovation out of them.  Look elsewhere.
10. No Room for Advancement
If you are stuck and can’t move up - move out.
11. Major Change in Your Life
Your life situation has changed in a big way. Perhaps you have gotten married or had a baby, and the salary no longer meets your needs. Quit your job and move on to better opportunities to support your family.
12. Company Looks Financially Vulnerable
If your manager says that everyone's job is safe, run to CareerBuilder.
13. Better Opportunity Elsewhere
One of the best reasons to quit your job is to take on a grand new challenge - such as a career change, starting your own business, or even living and working abroad.
14. Bad Workplace Romance
If you find yourself in a big, workplace-relationship fiasco. it may be time to start looking for a new workplace where you'll have a clean slate. Just resolve not to repeat the same mistake.
15. Hate Going to Work
When every minute of your commute brings out anxiety, quit your job.
16. High When You Exit Work
When leaving work puts the first smile on you face for the day, it may be time to quit your job.
17. Don't Need the Money That Badly
If you are one of those rare Suze Orman believers who has an 8 month supply of cash on hand, quit your job now.
18. Depression
If you're experiencing sadness to the point where you dread getting out of bed in the morning, it may be hard to place all of the blame on a stressful job. But it could be a big part of it.
19. Dream About Work Problems
If your dream time is being wasted on work problems, you need a change.
20. Relationship With Immediate Boss Damaged Beyond Repair (PONR)
If your bad relationship with your supervisor has reached the point of no return, quit your job.
21. Dislike Your Corporate Culture
Perhaps your company is egalitarian and you want the best parking spot for salesman of the month.. Equal treatment can grate for those who shine.  
22. Just Don't Enjoy Your Work
Chances are you hate your job.  Only you can do something about it.
23. Company Not Totally Evil, But Ethically Challenged
Some companies like McDonalds always seem to do things according to the straight and narrow.  Others like Burger King or Hardees seem to look for shortcuts (not as clean, not as nice).  In bad times, ethically challenged can turn to evil.
24. Your Own Bad Behavior at Work
Maybe you could not help it.  Maybe they are too slow for your sense of humor.  Get out before you turn into one of them.
25. Cost of Starting Your Own Business Near Zero
Technically, you could begin at the public library without a computer, phone, or website.  At the very least, you should have an affiliate marketing business as backup income and to start replacing your job.
26. Burned Bridges 
If your behavior has been so bad or your workplace so hostile you have burned your bridges, no need trying to repair what cannot be fixed.  Quit your job with grace.  No badmouthing.  Just quit.
27. Stress Levels Are Off the Charts
Stress kills.  The money cannot be worth it.  Quit your job before you die.
28. Require Additional Responsibility
You are unchallenged, need more responsibility, and seek opportunities that just don't exist for you in your current organization.
29. You Absolutely Hate Your Job
Hating your job and hating going to work are different yet related. Do you really need 50 other reasons?
30. Stop Trading Time for Money
When you realize that trading time for money is stupid, you will never look at a job the same again.
31. Inconvenient Schedule
Companies use employees as pawns.  They may change your schedule frequently to satisfy “the needs of the business” or send you to a remote location for weeks on end.
32. Relocation
Moving is a good cover story when the real reasons you want to quit are personal.
33. Change Career
If the job does not match your career plans, find one that does.
34. Gnawing Gut Feeling
Listen to your instincts, whether about the company or your position within it.
35. Not Doing What You Love
Passion is difficult to fake.  You are either doing what you love or you are not, there is no middle ground. If you won the lottery, what kind of work would you do for free?
36. Physically Dangerous Job
Let someone else take the physical risks.  Use your brain and computer to make a living.
37. Health Issues
If your job is damaging your health, quit your job as soon as possible.
38. Hostile Work Environment
No man or woman should tolerate an openly hostile work environment.  Not even for a day.
39. Promises When Hired Not Fulfilled
When the job you fill is significantly different from the one promised, you should look to leave immediately.
40. No Recognition
Some crave recognition.  If you are one of these employees and you are not getting what you need, it's time to change jobs.
41. Authority v. Blame
Employees are always fodder for the corporate machine.   When things go right, CEOs and managers glow in the credit.  When things go wrong, it’s a lazy, indolent workforce.
42. Long Commutes
Long commutes add to your stress levels and effectively eliminate free time from Monday to Friday.
43. No Compensation for Ideas That Help the Company
If you have great ideas for your business niche, quit your job and put them in place to crush your former employer (always follow any non-compete agreements).
44. Corporate Politics
Where office politics should guide you to quit your job is if it interferes with your ability to do your job, or if you are not allowed to play the game.
45. No Flexibility
Flexible jobs do not require you to trade time for money.  Find one, or create it yourself.
46. No Love
People are being asked to do more and more for crappy pay.  If not, ten unemployed men and women are lining up to replace you.
47. No Security
I live in a right to work state.  You can be fired for any reason (except those protected reasons like race or religion).  Job security does not exist.
48. No Regrets
Where are the regrets?  If you quit your job, or 10 years later, if you don't.
49. Eliminate Stuff
Most of what you own are liabilities, not assets.  Liabilities equal expenses.  Assets put money in your pocket.
50. You, Inc. - Do It Better
You, Inc. was a famous book from years past.  Never has it been more necessary.
51. Sovereign Individual
If your boss - let's say master - tells you at what time to be at a certain location, what to do, when to eat, and at what time to stop working, how are you anything other than a slave or indentured servant.
To crush your job, you need to begin with the correct way of thinking and conclude with a simple system to get you started on the road to an internet income that will set you free.
~ Charles Lamm 

Burn Down the Freaking Mission - http://burndownthefreakingmission.com 

Saving VRS

Video Relay Service (VRS) enables persons who use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with voice telephone users through video equipment, rather than through typed text (like the old TTY). Videoconferencing equipment, videophone, or computer and webcam links the VRS user with an interpreter/operator - called a "Communications Assistant" (CA) - so that the deaf user and the CA can converse with each other in sign language and via voice to the hearing participant. VRS has become enormously popular.
Unfortunately, high rates (over $6 per minute) for VRS interpreting led to massive fraud and arrests in 2009.
Recent proposals to lower the rates significantly have generated protests from the largest VRS service providers.
I would like to highlight that the following proposals are my own personal opinion. I consult on behalf of a sign language interpreting agency, but not for any VRS providers.
Modest suggestion for reforming Video Relay Services (VRS):
1. Disconnect the telecommunications/technical/bandwidth section of VRS from the sign language interpreters.
To become a licensed VRS provider, a service provider must supply not only the technical side but also hire sign language interpreters. The types of businesses have nothing in common and should be licensed and paid separately.
Key telecommunications companies (ATT, Sprint, Verizon) ought to be allowed to bid on providing the telecommunications piece of VRS calls without worrying about employing ASL interpreters.
2. Centralize the assignment of 10 digit phone numbers for deaf consumers.
As it stands at this time, 10 digit numbers are assigned by the default VRS service provider who originally signed up a deaf individual for VRS service. Unless the deaf caller has the technical savvy to adjust the equipment, any calls he or she makes is handled by the default provider.
By giving away free, simple videoconferencing equipment, SorensonVRS has captured about 70% of all VRS calls. Porting a 10 digit number to another default provider is possible but seldom done.Emergency calls - e911 - are now the responsibility of the individual VRS service providers. I would transfer this to a central organization or to the telco who wins the technological bid for VRS.
Permitting all calls to a 10 digit number to be routed to a particular default provider is the core reason for VRS fraud.
3. Let sign language interpreting agencies bid on providing just ASL interpreters.
Communication Assistants (CAs) are the sign language interpreters who use video to communicate with deaf callers and who voice to hearing callers over standard telephone lines.
In late 2009, fraud among interpreter subcontractors for VRS service providers nearly destroyed Video Relay Services for the deaf. The FBI arrested a number of interpreters in 9 states who were inflating VRS minutes and cheating the TRS fund out of millions of dollars.
4. Least cost routing.
Instead of having calls directed to the default provider, I would have all calls to 10 digit numbers registered to the deaf routed through a central switch.
Sign language interpreting agencies would then submit bids to the FCC for providing CAs. Calls would be routed to the agency with the lowest bid who had an interpreter available to take the call.
At this point, VRS service providers are compensated per minute of interpreting. Proposals for new, lesser rates have brought statements that the new rates will drive providers into insolvency.
By having the service providers bid on what it costs them to handle VRS calls - at a rate and with a profit they would be able to agree to - the clash over rates would fade away.
5. NAD/RID Certification for CAs.
As it stands now, the FCC allows VRS providers to determine the qualifications of their interpreters. This allowed criminal agencies to hire unqualified interpreters to process "run calls" and bilk the government.
Everyone would be better served if each CA met some minimum level of competence in ASL, and had something to lose if they engaged in fraud.
The National Association for the Deaf (NAD) and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) have certification tests in place. CA certification could be easily added.Every CA would have his or her own identification number. Complaints or fraud could then be tracked to the exact person accountable. Bad interpreters can be weeded out of the system.
Pass laws to permit the FCC watchdogs to observe random calls, much like wiretapping regulations for police.
Privacy is a serious concern. Attention would have to be taken not to record genuine conversations. Monitoring could be restricted to 30 or 60 seconds except when suspicious activity is present.
However, fraud is tough to catch or stop if calls can't be checked at random.
Market forces through least cost routing offer a viable system to lessen the cost of VRS calls to the government, maximize efficiency in the sign language agencies, and hold the rates at a level that enables VRS service providers to survive.
Charles Lamm is a retired attorney now serving as a legal/technical consultant for Accessible Communication for the Deaf (ACD) in Sunrise, Florida - ACDVRI - News for ASL Interpreters

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